SmarterTrade is a non-profit company that provides a transaction medium for international trade.


SmarterTrade eliminates many expenses with international trade. Based on a $10k transaction, you may normally pay:

That comes to a 7.2% overhead, or $720 per transaction. SmarterTrade provides all 3 of these for free with no other hidden fees.


SmarterTrade is a non-profit company with public transparency into it's operations and expenses.


The value of a SmartCredit is defined by averaging the top 20 currencies of the world. The value will not increase or decrease by change in supply or demand. This makes it very stable over time.


Within the SmarterTrade service:

How it works

Transactions: All transactions on the SmarterTrade service act as a temporary escrow account. Once the transaction is created, both parties (sender and recipient) must confirm to finalize the transaction. As long as the transaction is pending, the funds are locked and neither party has access to them.

Buying SmartCredits: SmartCredits can be bought from the public marketplace. Enter the the amount, currency, and payment method you want and we will match you to a seller. This creates a transaction. Send the money via the desired payment method then confirm the transaction. When the seller receives your payment they also confirm the transaction and you receive the SmartCredits.

Sending SmartCredits: This is generally used for buying goods. Confirm the seller accepts SmartCredits and ask for their email address and price in SmartCredits. Sending SmartCredits creates a transaction. When the seller ships the product, they will confirm the transaction. When you receive the product, you confirm the transaction. Once both parties confirm, the funds are released.

Receiving SmartCredits: This is generally used for selling goods. Use the conversion tool to determine your product's value in SmartCredits. Provide your email address and price in SmartCredits to the buyer. The buyer should then initiate the transaction. This transaction locks their funds as an escrow, so they have already committed the funds. Confirm your end of the transaction as soon as possible, or reject the transaction if you can not meet the request (for example: item out of stock). When the buyer receives the product, they confirm the transaction. Once both parties confirm, the funds are released.

Selling SmartCredits: Enter the amount of SmartCredits you want to sell, the currency you want to receive, and the payment methods you can accept. This moves the funds to a marketplace account which you still own and can manage separate from your primary account. When someone matching your criteria wants to purchase SmartCredits, they create a transaction. The buyer will send you a payment (in your preferred currency and method) and confirm the transaction. When you receive their payment, you confirm the transaction. Once both parties confirm, the funds are released.


Are SmartCredits a cryptocurrency like bitcoin?
No. SmartCredits are virtual and exchanged online, but the value is in the service, not the currency. The service is owned and centralized, not decentralized.

How are SmartCredits created?
SmartCredits are created from the company's operating expenses. Employees and contractors can opt-in to be paid in SmartCredits which they can use or sell on the market. Any other cash operating expenses will be recovered by creation of SmartCredits. Referral commissions are also paid out by the creation of SmartCredits. Even if demand increases, the supply, creation, and value remains steady.

Are SmartCredits backed by hard cash?
No. SmartCredits are bought and sold among users. The company does not receive cash payments and does not store your money in a bank account.

Can I get rich quick by investing?
No. SmartCredits are designed to be stable. You can earn a commission for referring users that sign up and complete a product transaction. This pays out 1% of all product transactions for one year from the time the referral signs up.

How do I cash out?
The SmarterTrade service provides a public marketplace for buying and selling with cash transactions in your preferred currency.

Should I cash out?
Not if you trade frequently. Once you have SmartCredits, it is much simpler to trade without worrying about converting currencies or exchange rates.